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I bilreklamen er der en mand der synger noget med "I got you on, my supergirl. Den starter med at vise klip fra Inception og s kommer der lidt fra de andre kanaler..
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If the board is not held responsible, then you have to ask: What exactly is it that boards are expected to do?Wells Fargo’s 12 independent directors earned 6,002 to 5,630 last year.Whether you know it or not, odds are you've encountered one."The majority of the matches are often bots," says Satnam Narang, Symantec’s senior response manager.You’re a sophisticated person with a finely cultivated sense of style and music – or at least you want your date to think you are.This new Tenderloin jazz lounge, attached to the restaurant Cadence, does the trick nicely.There's a new 21 adventure every Thursday night, including an aquarium, planetarium, four-story rainforest, and natural history museum.Be sure to say hey to Claude, the albino alligator, and the African penguins!

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Frustratingly, its reputation as one of the world’s costliest places to live is often a deterrent to tourists.

The simple concept of Dogwood Bar in Uptown involves smart cocktails and a grilled cheese station in the back. The bar, with a mixture of intimate tables for two and larger spots for groups, feels like a great place for a couple in the mood to go out and chat with a few friendly strangers.

The corner location also offers ample window seating if you're more of an introverted couple and would prefer to sip your drinks and people watch. A couple far past the wooing stage may not mind sweating together for a special night out.

But the City by the Bay's most charming features predate the tech-induced real estate boom by a long shot.

Here are just a few worth adding to your itinerary.